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Sonderangebot Workshop Ölmalerei

Special offer Workshops oil painting

The learning target:

In this Workshop you learn very fast the bases of the oil painting with water-mixable oil paints.
They receive comprehensive knowledge from the use and the qualities of the high-quality colours and materials. In particular we show them in the Workshop like with all painting courses the contact with the paintbrushes especially suitable for the water-mixable oil paints and the contact with the spatula.

Put your questions!
"How must I apply the paintbrush or the spatula to achieve certain effects in my painting?" I answer these and other questions to you with pleasure in my painting courses and Workshops.

About all questions to the oil painting with water-mixable oil paints you receive in detail answer!

On two big canvases (approx. 70 x 100 cm) we work by several meetings the following subjects:

How I paint, e.g.
- Sky and clouds
- Mountains and glaciers
- Trees and shrubs
- Water and reflexions and a lot more.

After a thorough introduction to this very special oil spot technology you control the use of her painting means to be able to deepen the knowledge also at home further, in the end, also independently and without to paint instructions own paintings.

Thus it is at the end this Workshops (after approx. 8 x 4 hours) in each case in Blücken by 4 hours is offered to deepen further the learnt one possibly at home, or - provided that you wanted - to take part in other special studio offers.

With these courses we work in groups of 3 - to max. 6 painting schoolboys.
On this occasion, it depends not necessarily on the completion of a painting in the piece, but it is given in small steps of exclusively basic skills in the oil painting with water-mixable oil paints and is practised.

They receive instructions in dealing with material and colours, but also a lot of knowledge all around the very special technology of the oil painting with water-mixable oil paints.

Especially favorable prices

With our Workshops we have very scarcely calculated our participant prices.

Hence, we offer to them currently every single one of the 8 x 4-hour blocks too in each case 50, - Euro* or for the package price of 350, - Euro* - inkl material (basically precash) / person.

Of course you receive - as well as in any other 4-hour block - if requested a small snack to the strengthening and soft drinks free.

You may also take both ready painted canvases with pleasure at the end of the course with home.

Appointments Workshops:
Every Workshop group plans mostly individually after arrangement her own desirable appointment - mostly on Saturday of one week.
Thereby it is possible also to offer the chance to the regular participation in the Workshop to working on the week-ends and holidays.

From July, 2010 - particularly for the vacation times - firm appointments are also planned in our summer studio, provided that the rooms are booked by foreign exhibitions.

Alternatively it is also possible against surcharge to book an individual single course. The costs for single courses / Workshops 8 x 4 hours amount, on this occasion, to 470, - Euro* instead of Originally 740, - Euro* for 32 hours of private lessons - including a small snack, soft drinks and cost of materials. Besides, they save 270,-Euro* compared with normal price!

Always remember please!
Practicing is very important afterwards at home!

Leave - particularly as a beginner in the oil painting with water-mixable oil paints -
the distances of her painting actions become never too long or become too big, because have even heavier you to get immediately again.

If several weeks lie or ferment months between her meetings, they are often made start almost again at ZERO.
So: "How was this, nevertheless, immediately once more?"

Remember always:
"Practise makes the master!"

If you should feel once no desire to paint only at home, this is not bad.
We take care our offer for you to extend always.

Have you to paint desire in a group with several people also beyond the compulsory painting courses together in the studio?
Let know it to us!

In all cases we help them with pleasure!
We would want that you are contently and with pleasure here in the studio.

Fun and joy should paint bring and no compulsion become.
You get the Rüstzeug for it - sound and comprehensive knowledge about the oil painting with water-mixable oil paints if you want, here in the studio.

To be able to make to itself an overview about the subjects I have to you here a PDF - document provided in which you can see what comes up to you. Look at this, however, please not as dull patterns, but as a clue about the whole subject extent which we offer for our beginners. The spectrum can be extended well still around some penetrating questions or special subjects. (German)

malen-lernen-themenuebersicht.pdf [46 KB]

* The quoted price is a retail price. According to §19 UStG no sales tax is raised and consequently not expelled also (small enterpriser's status).

All offers are not-binding and can be changed by us when required any time or be put.