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Baden-Baden 2013

Terms and Conditions Baden-Baden 2013

Exhibition Info

Exhibition "Altes Dampfbad" 2012

The "old steam bath" ("Altes Dampfbad") in Baden Baden is liked with artists still very much for exhibitions. Thus it is not surprising that there were recently inquiries to whether it not would be to be organised possibly a small however fine international exhibition there.

The following data are certain:

- Opening times:
dayly from 11 - 18.00 o'clock

- Delivery and construction:
22nd of August, 2013 from 11 - 18.00 o'clock and
23rd of August from 11 - 14.00 o'clock

- Press appointment on the 233rd of August, 2013 - 15.00 o'clock
afterwards art opening of from 17.00 to 19.00 o'clock (Vernissage)

The supporting programme for the opening: (Vernissage)

Introduction / Welcoming:
Curator and project manager Andreas Schubert

Prof. Dr. Dr. Moshe Mendelssohn

(Professor Mendelssohn is put down in the academy of pedagogic art Berlin and Tel Aviv.)

Invited speaker:
As well as in 2012 we have invited an internationally approved artist and surprise guest

Musical frame:

- Finissage:
01th of September, 2013 from clock on 15. - 18.00

- Dismantling:
02th of September, 2013 from 11 to 14.00 o'clock


Saturday 24th of August, 2013, 15 - 16.30
Book reading with Lorene Ross

Wednesday 28th of August, 2013, 15 till approx. 17.00 o'clock
Work show with Selina Beik-Rib (head things)

Saturday 31st of August, 2013, 19 - 21.00 o'clock
"Art Night" show on the subject "World - mosaic - project"

with Thian Green (Christian Grünberger from Austria)

Sunday 01st of September, 2013 from 16 - approx. 19.00 o'clock

Dismantling of the exhibition:
Sunday 01st of September, 2013 after the Finissage from clock on 19.30 - 21.00
Monday 02nd of September, 2013 from 11 - 14.00 o'clock

You find more infos from the artists here: (German)

You find an official town plan here:
Town plan

To be able to look at the town plan, have to do Java. Script have activated.

Artists Shiping Instruction

Who cannot arrive to the exhibition himself or must dispatch his works,
if this can send directly to us.

The following regulation is valid for all artists Weltweit:
If artistic works are introduced only for exhibition purposes in Germany,
if the broadcasting is duty-free!

Importantly is present that a table of contents is included in the broadcasting,
as well as in an outside well visible area the customs declaration is cosent.

Usually one uses in addition a transparent foil pocket to the broadcasting is stuck.
She contains all duty information, the table of contents and if necessary the calculation for the dispatch of goods.

Who misses this must deeply reach in the pocket!

The duty calculates high costs for:
- this open of the broadcastings,
- the treasures of the material value
- Warehouse charges

and, in addition, still taxes are raised beside the import duty!

To avoid this, you should copy the following text for your tables of contents and add to the broadcasting in double implementation.
1 copy insert in the broadcasting,
1 copy outside in the envelope to the customs documents

Please, complements and changes the texts with your information,
before you send them.

Also download to you here, in addition, the Shiping - label:
shiping-label1.pdf [475 KB]

You can insert your address with every PDF reader and print out
The Shiping - label should be right well obviously on the broadcasting with the inches - to documents.

With questions send please e-mail about our contact form.

Description of Content:
Personal item - Art work for display
only with no commercial Value.

1. Artwork:

Name of the work
Origin year
Size in cm
Technology give

2. Artwork:

Name of the work
Origin year
Size in cm
Technology give

3. Artwork:

Name of the work
Origin year
Size in cm
Technology give

4. Artwork:

Name of the work
Origin year
Size in cm
Technology give

See in addition my vita 2 from the artist's catalogue

They have a question?

Do not forget, besides that we can accept her phone call only into German.
They reach me personally under phone +49 (0) in 7854 - 987065
or better by e-mail about our feedback - form.
By e-mail you can contact us also into English language

Best Regards