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Andreas Schubert - painter & skulpturer

Andreas Schubert was born in the 8/17/1958 in Brück / the Brandenburg March.
He visited from 1965 - in 1975 the polytechnic high school.
After end of his education he acted in the most different branches of profession, among other things between 1978 and 1981 also as an amateur photographer for the newspaper "Freie Presse" in Hohenstein - Ernstthal. Already since 1989 he lives in Baden - Wurttemberg.

Andreas Schubert painted since his childhood with pleasure, also visited painting courses with different teachers, under it also professors. Education and occupation left little clearance and time to the painting.

In 1996 by a violent attack cross section-paralyzed, he started to paint once more.

Several established artist's personalities helped in the first steps and offered expert instructions.
To the trend of the abstract painting after, the artist tried first in this area, however, fast was clear that in addition also technical knowledge is necessary.

Professor Morscheck formulated this once in such a way:
"Learn to paint for the moment perfectly realistically! Only then you shall be abstracted in the situation! With a few blots and lines on a canvas it is not done, today everybody is able to do this!"

This remark of a professor stamped first the further development of the artist. Thus it came that the artist his talent perfected in the painting manner close to reality further.

Supported and promoted by his lifelong companion at that time, it was to be developed possibly his talent Above all autodidactically more and more.

The favorites of the artist

His favorites are known painters as for example Renoire, Delacroix, Rubens, and the painter of the turn of the century Erich Krüger.

His „roses in silver bowl“ gave the impulse for his renewed departure in the matter of painting. By the vigorous support of his patron at that time he succeeded in feeling the piece of art of Erich Krüger with own means. They find it also in the gallery flowers.

This painting originated in 2 1/2 years of detailed work and carries more than 12 very delicate watercolour-like acrylic colour glaze layers. Tender glazes and his detailed lover, almost perfectionist's broad painting manner became in those days - particularly with his roses, his brand name in the flower painting.


Deeply impresses from the idyllic surroundings of the Rhine meadows he started to document this already in 1999 in his paintings. The huge damages which were caused at that time released by the storm "Lothar" brought the artist the marvellous Rhine meadows now since 2003 in the series „silence - to perpetuate Internal Circle“.

Sceneries on the Upper Rhine with his massive meadow woods, the idyllic Rhine islands or recently also of the Hanauer country with Eckartsweier, offer an almost inexhaustible ambience.

Because of the love to the nature, his play particularly with Sonnenauf-or settings, a huge number of possibilities came up to the artist to move his momentary artistic ideas.

A contact allergy with solvents forced the artist to the job of the classical oil painting.

Preferential artistic medium became increasingly more the so-called „water-mixable oil paint“. With his new, ecologically friendly, now with water mixable oil paint, he developed own kind „Wet in Wet - glaze technology“.

Already since 2004 the artist gives insights into his topical work in numerous exhibitions, painting shows, painting courses and Workshops.

Besides, his experience and creative energy allows varied, always professional results which do justice to all situations and occasions individually.

With his courses and painting shows, but also with commissioned works your wishes and satisfaction are in the foreground to the artist.

Whether classical or experimental style, whether in our fully equipped studio or "on site" in a Location of your choice,
- we are glad about a cooperation with you!

You can see a small vita here: (in German)
vita-a.schubert.pdf [519 KB] [519 KB]

The artist lives and works currently in Willstätt - Eckartsweier - Germany

Exhibitions from the first sight

My single exhibitions: (into German)
einzelausstellungen-a.schubert.pdf [38 KB]

My group exhibitions: (into German)
gruppenausstellungen-a.schubert.pdf [53 KB]

My Small Vita as PDF (into English)
a.-schubert-vita-a4-flyer-2-seiten-2011-black-.pdf [936 KB]

Honourings: - Art award C.E.P.A.L.

2012 / 2013 - 3. Grand Price in the category oilpaintings
Centre Européen pour la Promotion des Arts et des Lettres

(European Centre for the Promotion of Arts and of Letters)

Die Preisträger 2012 / 2013:

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My Small Vita as JPG (english)